American International Group, Inc. performed Poor with a change of -0.28% in the Last Trade


American International Group, Inc. (AIG) belongs to the “Financial” sector with an industry focus on “Property & Casualty Insurance”, with Mr. Peter D. Hancock as Chief Exec. Officer, Pres and Director.

The company has been one of the biggest innovators in “Property & Casualty Insurance” employing approximately 56400 full time employees.

Key Statistics:

  • The stock subtracted in the prior trading session by -0.28%, closing at the stock price of $61.39.
  • Currently, the market capitalization of American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is 56.83 Billion.
  • AIG has a 1-year high price of $ 67.13 and 1-year low price of $47.66.
  • The number of shares currently held by investors is 925.77 Million.
  • The number of shares traded in the last trading session was 9.93 Million.


The company reported an impressive total revenue of 52.85 Billion in the last fiscal year.

If you look at the company’s income statement over the past years, you will see that the company is constantly posting gross profit: In 2014, AIG earned gross profit of 0, in 2015 0 gross profit, while in 2016 American International Group, Inc. (AIG) produced 0 profit.

Currently the shares of American International Group, Inc. (AIG) has a trading volume of 9.93 Million shares, with an average trading volume of 9320 shares – with shares dropping to a 52 week low of $47.66, and the company’s shares hitting a 52 week high of $ 67.13.

Looking at the current price of the stock and the 52 week high and low, it suggests that the stock is likely to go Down in the future.

Earnings per share (EPS) breaks down the profitability of the company on a single share basis, and for American International Group, Inc. the EPS stands at 1.36 for the previous quarter, while the analysts predicted the EPS of the stock to be 1.08, suggesting the stock exceeded the analysts’ expectations.

Another critical number in evaluating a stock is P/E or the price to earnings ratio.

Currently the P/E of American International Group, Inc. stands at 177.43. Looking at this figure it suggests that the shares of American International Group, Inc. (AIG) may be overvalued, however, this can also depend upon the situation of the market; if the market is strong then it could suggest that American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is a good investment, however if the market is weaker then it could suggest that the shares are undervalued.

The TTM operating margin is 5%. The return on invested capital at 0.4%, which is good, compared to its peers.

The Free Cash Flow or FCF margin is 0%, which means that the business has healthy reserve funds for contingencies that may arise.

Stock is currently moving with a negative distance from the 200 day simple moving average of approximately -0.45%, and has a poor year to date (YTD) performance of -5.52% which means the stock is constantly subtracting to its value from the previous fiscal year end price.

The stock grew about 2.02% in the past 5 years, this positive value indicates that the stock constantly performed well in previous years as well.

Future Expectations:

The target price for American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is $68.43/share according to the consensus of analysts working on the stock, with an expected EPS of $1.2/share for the current quarter.

The company’s expected revenue in the current quarter to be 12.01 Billion, seeing a projected current quarter growth of 22.4%, and per annum growth estimates over the next 5 year period of around 155.49%.